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Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012


What a wonderful Thanksgiving Day it is! 70 degrees and sunny! Just beautiful!

I awoke this morning about 5am, decided to get up at 5:30 and start on the cooking. I am well pleased with how it turned out!

Big, fat 16 pound turkey! It's not organic like I wanted, but I guess it will be okay....:) It cooked up nicely in about 4 hours and 15 minutes.

The Turkey

Turkey dressing..... yum. This was probably the BEST I have made! I don't go by a recipe. I just taste as I go to get it tasting like I want. It did need more salt, but was very good.

Sweet Potato Casserole. I love sweet potatoes.... I wanted to just bake them, but my mom wouldn't hear of it. So, we did the usual. Boiled, smashed and mashed with butter and brown sugar. I did do the topping a little different this year. I added oatmeal like I do in the Apple Goody topping. It was tasty, not too sweet, and a little different. I needed a good topping, because we only had a few pecans to put on top!

Just look at those rolls.............homemade!!!!

Well, the green bean casserole won out this year! It's the usual one.... the one on the back of the French- fried -onion- thingys package. Brad loves it!!! I don't care for it, but I do love green beans.

Lets talk about dessert..... yum.......

Chocolate pie, coconut pie and pecan pie~ Let me count the ways I love you all!
The chocolate and coconut pie I make are Brad's grandmother RV's recipe. They are easy and delicious. I made the crust too and they turned out great ~ thanks to The West Ladies recipe! If you know who I'm talking about,  you know they have some great recipes. Downhome, southern cooking with a smile. I will definately be posting more of their recipes!
The rolls..... I am so thankful for rolls that rise on time and are light and fluffy and delicious and--- well, you get the point. I really enjoyed making rolls this morning! And to think I ran right fast over to the Dollar General last night to buy a package of rolls, because I was NOT going to make them from scratch... but I did :)....(they were out anyway!) and I'm so glad! I will absoluty be posting this recipe! BTW~~~ it is a West Ladies again...:)

Today we used glasses I've been collecting at the thrift stores. They are old and vintage. Love, love vintage things :) I remember growing up, my mamaw had some green ones. You may still have some around. They are nice and thick, so they last. I hope I can find more in different colors. We usually drink out of mason jars which I like~simply southern~ but I like the change! You can see them in the picture above.

It was nice having my mom here to help us cook and clean, and wash all those dishes we messed up!
Thanks MOM! My uncle Roddy got to come and enjoy Thanksgiving lunch with us too. I am so thankful for you two! I didn't get a single picture of me, Brad, Hailey or Brody!~ But, it's hard to get a picture of all of us together for some reason!

We are a very blessed family. We have plenty of food, a comfortable, warm house and each other!
I hope you had a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving with your family this beautiful day.

Happy day to you!

Brads favorite! chocolate pie!


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