We are a christian homeschooling family of 4, living the farm life in north central Alabama. rWe are trying to live as simply and purposely as possible. Follow along as we pilgrim along this wonderful life!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dreaming the days away....

Hello! Just a quick update on the going ons here on the farm.

It has been COLD. We do have a few warm days scattered about though. I feel badly for the animals outside that have to endure the cold breeze and temps. They are making it just fine and probably much better than I think because of those nice, thick, fur coats. We have 2 litters of older rabbit babies that are several weeks out from butcher and we have 2 pregnant (I think!) does that are due on the 26th of this month. This will be the second or third time I have bred them without any babies, so we will see. I am hoping for large litters, because they go through a 50 pound bag of food a week! With no greens to eat, they eat extra pellets and I detest pellets! There really is no telling what is in that stuff.

I have spring fever very bad!

I found the new Baker Creek Heirloom catalog at Sam's Club last week and I have been pouring myself over it! So many choices, so little time. :) I am going to try to start a lot of my own seeds this spring if I can find somewhere to put the trays. We haven't got the greenhouse up and going yet so finding a place for the trays with seedlings presents to be a problem every year. I usually get them started and they are growing and look beautiful, then I wake up one morning and every one of my seedlings are dead!
I NEED a greenhouse!

But for now, I am happy pouring over the seed catalogs and dreaming of sunny, happy days! :)