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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

rising smoke

I woke up early this morning like usual...

I smelled smoke, but not "fire" smoke. I knew what it was. Damp, greenish wood does not burn well in any circumstance. The last time I loaded the heater last night, I used a BIG piece of "questionable" wood. It was damp and I thought the fire was hot enough to finish burning it up, but no. So, a greenish, damp piece of wood that didn't get hot enough to burn all the way, sit by through the night quietly smoldering. That's when it faintly "leaks" out of the heater all night, and we awaken EARLY to this smell that smells like a forest fire that's been doused with water.

 Not pleasant, not pleasant at all.

But, the heater doesn't come first upon rising. Coffee comes first! I can't function well without my first cup. Hailey got woke up too by the smell at the same time I did, and later told me she was debating about getting up to check on it, (bless her heart), but heard me get up and knew I would. She said she heard me get the coffee pot ready first and was surprised because that "smoke" in the house was a little alarming!

I did raise a window on the way to the COFFEE pot.......

All is well now on the homefront.

Looking forward to the rain stopping for a little while. Although it's been great for my garden, it isn't so good for firewood.


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