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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Being Sick and Getting Well

I have been sick with a stomach bug this weekend. I haven't had a stomach virus in a long time. It is a mild one~~"Thank You Lord"!
 I hate those kind that are gut-wrenching. You probably know the kind I'm talking about. The ones where you have to camp out in the bathroom for two days. We have had those kind and probably will have again, but this one is quite tame.
When I get sick, which isn't a lot, I begin to feel like I'm not doing enough to keep myself well. Then I start a "mini-resolution" goal of some sort. I start telling myself  I will start taking my herbs like I should. I will get more exercise. I will eat better. I will, I will, I will......... But, this time I think I need to be serious about it.
I'm actually going through a case of dis-ease. I have lots of female problems that I didn't know existed until I went for my checkup. I also went to an herbalist and had an iridology reading. It was almost creepy~ in a good way~ because he was right on with most, if not all, of my aliments.
So, this is what I want need to do.

Start an exercise program.
I am looking into the T-Tapp program. I have heard lots of good reviews on this.
Take my herbs regularly.
I will take them even if I feel like I can't stuff another capsule down my throat! I will drink that terrible tasting stuff because I know it is good for me and I need it!
Cut down out sugar.
This is going to be hard........ I have nothing else to say to this. I know I will not suceed, but I will try!
Pray and read my Bible more.
It goes without saying.... we NEED Him MORE. He does a wonderful job of "cleaning" us up on the inside doesn't he?

This is what I will start with. I don't think it sounds too hard. The exercise might even be fun. I will get Hailey to do it with me. It will be yet another fun thing to do together!


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