We are a christian homeschooling family of 4, living the farm life in north central Alabama. rWe are trying to live as simply and purposely as possible. Follow along as we pilgrim along this wonderful life!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Little Mr. Guernsey

He's just a little shy....
He doesn't understand where he's at. He knows HIS mother isn't anywhere to be found.
He's scared too, he told me so.

Are you my mother? You don't smell like my mother.

Are you my mother?

 I can't find her anywhere and I'm getting hungry!

I'm going to wait right here until she gets back from whatever important business she is taking care of. I'll wait RIGHT HERE till the cows come home if I have too.

I'll do some grooming while I'm waiting.
I need to look my best when my mom comes back to feed me.

I'll nibble on some grass while I'm waiting.

I guess I'll have to drink THIS instead. Maybe my mother will come soon. I know she has a big job making lots of good milk for people to enjoy. I know I like it a lot.


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